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2 Person 3 Day Deluxe Survival Kit

The Public Safety Department of the Canadian Government strongly suggests that every Canadian household have quick access to their own complete 72 hour emergency kit. This deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Kit fulfills the essential requirements for the 8 areas of preparedness including water, food, light, heat, shelter, communication, first aid and sanitation.

The In Case Of Deluxe 72 Hour Emergency Kit provides two individuals with the essential emergency supplies, provisions and survival gear to sustain life for 72 hours (3 days). Whether the disaster requires you to stay put or to grab and run for a quick evacuation, this kit is ready to help you. This kit is designed to be lightweight, compact, and contain high performance products to ensure that you and your loved ones feel prepared to survive emergencies that strike at a moment’s notice.


This Kit includes the following items for two people:

- 24 x 125 ml water sachets (Mylar bags):
       Non-temperature sensitive
       U.S., Canadian and European Union Coast Guard approved for a 5-year shelf life
- 50 Aquatabs water purification tablets:
       Purifies 1 liter of water per tab
       Kills bacteria and viruses
       No unpleasant taste/odour
       Iodine free

- 2 x 3600 calorie food bars:
       Shortbread/coconut flavour
       No preservatives or additives, non-thirst provoking and non-temperature sensitive
       U.S. Coast Guard approved for a 5-year shelf life

- 2 x bright green light sticks, provide up to 24 hours of light (12 hours each)
- Survival candle:
       Good for up to 36 hours, contains drip less wax
       3 wicks (each wick is good for up to 12 hours)
- Waterproof matches

- 6 x 6-hour disposable hand warmers
- Box of waterproof matches
- Folding camp stove
- 2 x 0.2 L "Camp Heat" fuel, that provides up to 8 hours start/stop burn time and is odourless and non-toxic
-3 Pouches of InstaFire, an ideal source of fuel and an optimal fire starter:
       Perfect substitute for wood and other fire sources
       Lights and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow
       Burns “green” – no harmful chemicals or vapours
       Lightweight – easily carried anywhere
       Safely stores near food
       30 year shelf life

- 2 x emergency blankets:
       Provide shelter against the elements
       Helps to retain body heat and helps to prevent and/or treats hypothermia
- 2 x emergency ponchos:
       Lightweight, reusable, hooded
- 2 person tube tent:
       Bright emergency orange 2.5 mil polyethylene, fire retardant, lightweight and cord included

- Dynamo/Hand crank flashlight/Radio/Siren:
       No batteries or electricity needed
- Plastic signal whistle, lanyard included
- Acrylic mirror - non breakable:
       Ideal for a signal mirror

First Aid:
- 124-piece “In Case Of” first aid kit:
       Durable weatherproof container
       Includes first aid quick guide
- 2 x N95 individually wrapped and NIOSH approved respirator face mask

Survival Gear:
- 15.2 m (50 ft.) braided nylon rope
- Bright orange, lightweight, high impact plastic trowel
- Stainless steel pocket army knife
- Pair of leather/cloth work gloves

Due to current volume demands on Canada Post, shipping delays MAY occur. Normal shipping times are within 14 days.

All first aid supplies must be returned within 14 days of purchase, unopened in original packaging. All sales of Infection Control items are FINAL.