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Your products are the best by far! Like I told you I can get local hand sanitizer here and it’s good quality but I like yours better. 

I just received the wipes. Love them and will be ordering more.  Move over Purell! 

Keep up the great work. 


Thank you so much for your email and for everything that you and the Medix team are doing. Just received the partial order, thank you so much! So happy to get the mask tensioner too. Can't wait to try it out! All your hard work is very much appreciated. My sister and I are both healthcare providers so we know the challenges in procurement right now! Thank you for all the effort you're putting in to keep us all safe!

Leah K.

Wonderful group of people, always willing to go above and beyond. Easy to work with and would highly recommend for any functions or events. Great supporters of the local community too! Thanks medix!!

Elsie Born

Bought a custom built first aid kit from their office in sidney and its already helped me when a family member was injured. Great kit, great knowledge of their product and terrific people. Highly recommended.

G Hunt

I've worked with Lyle from Medix in the past. He was attentive, observant and social. When an incident occurred the conversation was over and all of his attention was on the patient. Nothing else mattered from the moment of injury to when the patient was out of immediate danger.

Barkmars Dyer

Great professional service and very community driven. They have great staff and I feel much more at ease when I see they're looking after 1st aid at events

R Peterson

Medix is a compassionate and professional medical team. Care received was impeccable. Would definitely reccomend them.

Emily Noel

It was pleasure to work with Medix. They were professional and punctual, i would absolutely use them again and recommend them for anyone looking for first-aid for their events.

Nadir Merchant

I have hired and worked with Lyle from Medix for years. He and the team are great to work with. Highly recommended. Will be seeing them at our festival and parade again this year in July.

David Tillson

Having the privilege of seeing Medix operate first hand, I can attest that they are dedicated individuals who take great pride in serving their clientele. They are a dynamic group that adapts extremely well to the various environments that are typical to the work they do. I was impressed by the companies ability to provide services throughout any hour of night or day, that in itself shows dedication. If you want someone who will look after your industrial first-aid or event medic services, give these guys a call.

Tom Zolyniak

My experience with Medix has been all very posotive. From the moment I called to book their event first aid, I was confident they could handle the safety of my event. At the event their team of paramedics were professionally dressed and easily seen. They were friendly and extremely good at their jobs. At the end the team even helped clean up by providing a bottle recycling and let me know that all the recycling is going to local charities.

All in all a very professional first aid company thats mindful of their local community! I have no problem recommending them to anyone in Victoria.

J Richards