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Vomit Bag
Vomit Bag

Vomit Bags, often used after Chemotherapy, for the Flu and Car Sickness, etc., help to avoid the usual nuisances: odors, splashes, soiled linen.  Simple to use, our Vomit Bag simplifies the work of patients and caregivers, and provides added protection when carrying and disposing of organic liquids and matter. The Vomit Bag makes vomiting less degrading for the patient and less offensive and risky for healthcare workers and all caregivers.

Easy to store discreetly, the vomit bag will fit in any glove box, seat pouches, handbag, diaper bag, and more.

Purchase online in singles, or contact us at to order in bulk.



After using the Vomit Bag, close it securely and discard it in the designated area.

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